Team Collaboration

Tefter enables team collaboration through its Slack application. Click the button below to install it on your workspace.


After installing, read here to set up your organization.

Available Commands

After installing the Slack app, you may either use /tefter <command> or its shorter equivalent /t <command>.

Begin with /t help to list some of the ways you can interact with it.


Any Slack workspace member who wishes to create or modify content on Tefter for the organization, has to log in first. By logging in a Slack member account is connected to a Tefter one.

Use /t login to connect your accounts.

Adding bookmarks

You can use the call the root tefter command or a Slack message action to add a bookmark.

/t <url>
Demo of the command slack integration add bookmark
Demo of the message action slack integration add bookmark


You can use the /t search <query> command or mention the @tefter bot to search.

An example using the mention might be:

Yo @tefter search functional programming

💡 There's a short version of the search command. It's just s.
Example: /t s agile

Demo of the search command slack integration search command

You may also browse the bookmarks of an organization you're member of from the web or the apps by using a filter.

org filter

Sharing search results with others

When searching for any results that you wish to share to the members of the channel, you can select “share”.

Demo of the sharing action slack integration share action slack integration share action response

⚠ Keep in mind that @tefter has to be invited to that channel first.

Creating an alias

/t alias <alias> <url_pattern>


/t alias api-docs

or with a dynamic alias

/t alias deb-tracker{{*}}

Read more about aliases in the section below.

Resolving an alias

/t <alias_pattern>


/t deb-tracker/nginx

or by mentioning @tefter

@tefter deb-tracker/nginx

Listing all aliases

/t aliases

or by mentioning @tefter

@tefter aliases
/t news

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