You’re setting up Tefter for personal use. For a team, read here.

To take better advantage of all the features of Tefter, follow the steps below.

Import Bookmarks

You can import bookmarks from a variety of sources.

We support:

We do our best to preserve folders and labels and map them to Tefter lists and tags.

If you with to import from a service not yet supported, let us know by sending an email.

Install a Browser Extension

With the extension you can quickly add bookmarks of the page you’re visiting, search and resolve aliases.

First click one of the following buttons to install it.

Chrome Firefox

For older browsers there’s also a bookmarklet , which you can drag to the browser’s bookmarks bar.

Using the Extension

To add a bookmark, click the Tefter icon.

extension add bookmark

Install the Mobile App

Visit Tefter on your favourite browser on your phone, then select “Add Tefter to Home Screen”.

Having the mobile app installed, you can quickly bookmark links by sharing them to Tefter.